Carlo Poli
Avv. Carlo Poli
Judicial and Outright Activity, Civil, Commercial, Corporate and International Law.
Francesca Cappellini
Avv. Francesca Cappellini
Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Private International and Family Law.
Laura Capacci
Avv. Laura Capacci
Contractual Negotiation, National and International Alternative Despute Resolutions (ADRs).
Anna Basetti Sani Vettori
Avv. Anna Basetti Sani Vettori
International Commercial Law, Contract Law and Civil Liability.
Benjamin Masi
Avv. Benjamin Masi
International Commercial Law, Contract Law.
Servizio 1

Poli Avvocati assists Italian companies with their expansion and relocation into foreign markets with the help of an international network of lawyers with proven experience and expertise.


The members of the firm have collaborated in the organization of events promoted by the Civil Chamber of Florence.

Servizio 3

Viale Matteotti 60 – 50132 Firenze – Italia
Tel. (0039) 055 24.69.122 / 055 26.38.742
Fax (0039) 055 24.76.330